Roskomnadzor has blocked the iCloud services in Russia

Russian users of services connected to iCloud, found the lock to access the resource This, in particular, reported the developers of the app Debit & Credit.

The devices that run on iOS and macOS, for use CloudKit need to constantly contact the server to download the settings file from this site. If the server does not have access and the file is not downloaded, iCloud Drive and a number of other services can not continue. The connection is with the Apple server and the servers of the company providing the “mirrors” around the world, and in the case of applicants of Russian users is a server of Akamai.

According to the unified register of banned sites to the blocked list got a domain name Resource “<url>” shows that the lock took effect about a week ago.

This domain name was in the list of banned in Russia on the basis of a court decision in 2013. Why only now the domain name start to be blocked, is unknown. Subscribers of Tele2 and Domi can already see the cover when you try to visit

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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