Roskomnadzor has blocked the Russian “mirror” Pornhub 3 days after its launch

Roscomnadzor made in the register of banned sites IP address to the Russian “mirror” porn-PornHub resource, which was created by the administration after blocking a global version of the site in Russia. This is stated on the website “Roskomsnab”.

The portal was blocked by the decision of the Krylovsky district court of Krasnodar territory. In the card case stated that the claim with the requirement about blocking made by the Prosecutor in interests of an indefinite circle of persons”.

PornHub has been blocked by Roskomnadzor on September 13. According to the project “Roskomsvoboda”, one of the pages of Pornhub with gay porn five days earlier, was entered in the register of banned sites. The next day, after blocking the primary address of the resource administration launched “the mirror”

According to the court, PornHub is subject to the terms of the law on the protection of children from information harmful to their health and development. Thus, the content of the porn site was recognized throughout the country. In addition to PornHub in the list to be blocked were still 10 pornographic web portals, including YouPorn.

Russian users already complain that the Russian mirror PornHub became unavailable, however, some providers still offer it.

After blocking the site, Roskomnadzor recalled its advice to meet people in real life, which they gave after blocking the Russian version of Pornhub in September 2015.

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