Roskomnadzor has forbidden Russians to download essays and term papers from the Internet

The decision was taken by Roskomnadzor, blocking the site with the finished work for students. On it informs CNews referring to the card index

The Supervisory authority has blocked the online on which was placed the essays, term papers and thesis. The decision was taken by the Leninsky district court of Stavropol, which recognized the dissemination of this information in violation of law.

The plaintiff in the course of the process was initiated by the local Prosecutor, who drew attention to the fact that the website is blocked for everyone for the money was available, the essay and the thesis. The data scientific works are intellectual property.

“In the case of ordering scientific works on the website on the Internet, or the copy available on this website works violated the authorship of researchers, which also leads to unwarranted assignment of scientific degrees and titles”, – experts say the court’s decision.

A site with abstracts was not the first educational resource, blocked by Roskomnadzor. In 2015, join the editors of “anti-piracy” law, which allows owners of rights to all kinds of content (except photos) to achieve the blocking of access to the resources that violate their rights.

The law does not fail to take advantage of textbook publishers and theatre company, blocking a number of sites with relevant books.

In 2016 the number of sites with school textbooks and collections of ready-made homework (GDZ) has been “eternal” blocking. The law permits it in the case that the court recognizes a site twice violated the rights of one and the same right holder.

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