Roskomnadzor intends to introduce user authentication Wi-Fi via a personal device

Roskomnadzor is going to introduce a special software for customer devices that will allow you to identify Wi-Fi users. The Agency also insists on the need to introduce administrative liability for natural persons-owners of Wi-Fi networks.

Roskomnadzor checked out more than 18,000 points of wireless Internet access in public places. 5 500 cases of irregularities were detected related to the lack of user identification.

In respect of operators who had found such violations, Roskomnadzor gets case under section 3 of article 14.1. Administrative code ā€” “entrepreneurial activities without state registration or without special permit (license)”; fines for legal entities ā€” up to 40 000 rubles. According to the Ministry, about 2,500 Wi-Fi networks where there hasn’t been a procedure of identification of Internet users, organized individuals.

For individuals for this administrative liability is not specified, reports “Kommersant” with reference to the presentation of the head of Department of control and supervision in the field of communications, Roskomnadzor Denis Paltsin. Now the identity of the Internet user is the MAC address of the Wi-Fi router, not tied to a specific subscriber device.

With the aim of “improvement procedure” Polzin proposes to use special software to “bind” the MAC address of the Wi-Fi device to your computer, smartphone or tablet. In his opinion, access to Wi-Fi network should be only for those devices that have installed this software. The subscriber needs to download it and install, and also identifiable. After that, the software validates the entered credentials and the information provided during the purchase of SIM cards, and binds the MAC address to the identity of the user and terminal equipment of Wi-Fi”, according to the presentation.

The Ministry stressed that the use of such software to identify Internet users ā€” this is the idea. The communications Ministry refused to comment on the proposal of Roskomnadzor.

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