Roskomnadzor promised to block the LinkedIn app “a few days”

Roskomnadzor will block mobile social networking application LinkedIn, it will take a few days. This was stated by the official representative of Roscomnadzor Vadim Ampelonskiy. The web version of the service has ceased to operate in Russia, and apps for iOS and Android are still functioning.

As told “Izvestia” Ampelonskiy, Roskomnadzor will need a few days to “parsing application”. What they will do with the application he did not specify.

4 Aug Tagansky district court of Moscow has satisfied the claim of Roscomnadzor to the social network LinkedIn in the protection of the rights of an unlimited circle of persons – subjects of personal data. November 10, the Moscow city court upheld the decision of the court of first instance and the launch was made social in the “black list” of sites to be blocked. The website LinkedIn has stopped working in Russia, and the mobile app is still available.

The head of the Zecurion Alexey Raevskiy told that if you block the application itself from LinkedIn in the App Store and Google Play, in “the black list” will have to make the IP addresses of Apple and Google, and so the corporations will cease to operate in Russia.

“We need to know which IP address has already downloaded to the device application communicates with the server LinkedIn and then block those addresses,” said Rajewski.

According to the head of Department of mobile application security Positive Technologies Artem Chaikin, mobile applications generally use the same servers and IP addresses that the main web site.

“The application accesses the server but sometimes for mobile applications developers allocate a private IP address and create a separate domain name, for example, says Chaikin. In the case of locks it often happens that it is just a primary domain name, and mobile services and other domain names, leading to the main site — the so-called mirrors are still useable. Thus the lock is acquired defective”.

As described in Application Security to find out the IP address of the application, you will either need to hack or analyze outbound traffic from it.

“To understand where it accesses the mobile app, just a phone, laptop and WiFi router, says Chaikin. — Laptop and phone are connected to the same WiFi network, on a laptop equipped with special software (proxy server), then in the phone, the laptop is specified as proxy server. The phone installs and runs the app LinkedIn. On the laptop, in the interface of the proxy server displays the domain names and IP addresses of those servers accessed by a mobile application”.

Note that the administration LinkedIn after blocking in Russia invited users to return the money for unused paid services. “If you purchased access to one of the services LinkedIn but no longer can use it as a result of blocking by the authorities access to our platform, contact us to receive a refund proportional to the unused time,” wrote LinkedIn.

In 2015 LinkedIn has been registered 400 million people worldwide, including 5 million users from Russia.

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