Roskomnadzor started to block “pirate” scientific portals in Russia

A Moscow court has ordered Roskomnadzor to start blocking sites that publish in free access to scientific articles. One of them was the online Sci-Hub. On his block said the Creator of the Internet resource Alexandra Elbakyan.

The plaintiff in the court were made by the company Springer Nature engaged in by the publishing house world scientific periodicals. In the opinion of the management, resource Alexandra Elbakyan was engaged in illegal distribution of research papers, and also violated the exclusive right of publishing certain materials.

Original Springer Nature demanded to be taken only preliminary steps to limit the distribution of content. Nevertheless, the court still ruled on the lock resource for Sci-Hub, as well as its mirrors.

Information about the lock project Alexandra Elbakyan confirmed in your community in the “Vkontakte”. She advised their members and supporters to continue to use the online Sci-Hub, applying various measures to bypass restrictions, for example, VPN technology.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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