Roskomnadzor: the prohibition of anonymous communication in the messenger does not infringe on freedom of speech

Roskomnadzor supported the bill on the regulation of messengers. According to the head of Department, nobody will read the correspondence of users, that is, the law does not violate freedom of speech.

Bill messenger is not control over the private correspondence of citizens, said the head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov.

“The approach to the regulation of the messengers I fully support, I want to emphasize that we have always insisted that it is in any case should not touch the control over the correspondence of citizens. Should be recorded the fact of a citizen”, – said Zharov.

The representative of Roskomnadzor said that the law does not violate freedom of speech.

Roskomnadzor has confirmed that is in contact with the leadership of the messenger Telegram, it will be required to provide identifiers in accordance with the new bill.

“In response to the request of Roskomnadzor administration of the Telegram will have to provide those identifiers that are necessary for inclusion in the register of the organizers of disseminating information. We are in contact with them,” said Zharov, abandoning the more detailed comments due to the fact that the topic is sensitive.

On may 24 the state Duma was introduced a bill on the regulation of messengers in Russia. The bill proposed “to carry out the user identification using a subscriber number on the basis of the agreement of identification signed by the organizer of instant messaging with the operator”.

According to the head of the Ministry of communications Nikolay Nikiforov, acquainted with the text of this project. However, he is skeptical about the argument that identification via the SIM card and the traditional numbers of a traditional cellular network to somehow improve the situation from the point of view of distribution of information through messengers.

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