Roskomnadzor warns: sale of SIM cards without a contract with the operator, is against the law [video]

Roskomnadzor issued a series of social videos in which talks about the consequences of buying a SIM card without signing a contract with mobile operator. In connection with the growing number of unregistered “SIM cards” for mobile phones the Agency is trying through advertising to show how dangerous it can be such a decision.

As representatives of service users that purchase a SIM card in violation of the law, in turn, can be subjected to fraudulent actions or be targeted by the police, as sold in violation of the rules of the SIM card could be used in carrying out illegal actions.

The video shows a situation that encourages the user to monitor their money on the phone, and for security to go to the nearest salon of cellular communication and to sign an agreement to create a second account for paid updates, weather, currency, news (content services). Then people will always know about the amount of money, designed just for calls and messages.

Roskomnadzor notes that in accordance with paragraph 1 of article 44 of the Federal law of 07.07.2003 № 126-FZ “On communication”, Russia communication services operators, users of telecommunications services on the basis of the contract on the provision of communications services concluded in accordance with the civil legislation and rules of rendering of communication services.

The Ministry said that the operators for the conclusion of contracts on rendering of such services needs to use the premises, owned or leased, and a well-equipped trading places in a stationary trading facilities and areas intended for trading activities.

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Clifton Nichols

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