“Rostelecom” has allocated 38 million rubles for the creation of streaming service for launch games

“Rostelecom” is accepting applications to develop a platform for cloud gaming. The budget for the project, according to materials on the website of public procurement, amounts to 38 million rubles.

“Rostelecom” plans to prompt users to subscribe to the directory of remotely accessible games, as well as provide the opportunity to try all games for a limited time for free. The subscription will be renewed automatically. As client platforms are considered as computers and mobile devices running iOS and Android.

“The generated video stream is transmitted directly to the various user devices. The described approach allows us to organize clients ‘ access to the games without the presence of a high-performance set-top box or other terminal, since most of the gaming processes is performed on the server side.

Users get access to a full game pastime without the need of downloading or installation of your chosen items, and also without necessarily having high-performance devices, such as game consoles, computer,” reads the description of the order.

The platform shall withstand 3 000 active client sessions at the same time”, regardless of types of target applications and devices.” Resolution video streaming on the platform the default is 1280 x 720 pixels.

In “Rostelecom” said that the service will be “at least 20 MMO’s, AAA games and at least 1,000 mini-games”.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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