Rumor: Foxconn has sent the first batch of iPhone 8 in USA

Before the presentation of the new iPhone less than a week. Apple vengeance collect new items, and the network continues to infiltrate various rumors. At this time a resource shared photos in which employees are prepared to ship a batch of smartphones.

Low quality pictures and the lack of markings on the packaging does not allow accurate to say that the boxes are exactly the new iPhone. However, the resource claims that delivery of parcels will deal with the transport company Morrison Express. This carrier is a preferred contractor of most companies in Silicon valley.

According to Techtastic, the premise can be like the real iPhone 8, is designed for the first wave of sales in the U.S., and demo units for Apple stores.

Presentation of new smartphones Apple will be held September 12 at the new Apple campus, Park in the audience of the “Theatre of a name of Steve jobs”. Sales in the United States and the countries of the first wave will start tentatively on September 22.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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