Rumor: iOS 11 GM were merged disgruntled employee

Leak iOS 11 GM confirmed a lot of rumors about new devices that Apple will present on September 12. A popular blogger suggested that the leakage of the system is a disgruntled Apple employee.

Rumor: iOS 11 GM were merged disgruntled employee

Comment on iOS GM leaked 11, which is found in the names of the new smartphones, information about the scanner, facial recognition Face ID and Apple Watch LTE, blogger John Gruber said he was “pretty sure” that the leak was intentional.

“I’m pretty sure that it was not a mistake but rather an intentional malicious act on the part of the employee’s outcast Apple,” Gruber wrote in his blog. “Whoever did it, was the least popular person in Cupertino. This leak ruined more surprises than any other in the history of Apple”. Gruber does not reference the sources, but it is known that the blogger has access to Apple employees in different positions.

Most likely, 11 GM of iOS was available for download to those who know the special URL. The sites were closed to such an extent that they are “indescribable,” according to Gruber.

Apple is always trying to avoid leaks about future products. Security measures are always worse before a major launch. In the beta versions of their systems, the company never reveals features of new products. These features of testing a limited number of Apple employees.

Source: AppleInsider

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