Run-A-Whale – the blue whale and pirate

Inside good taymkillerov, usually lives alone, but a wonderful idea. Think of your favorite “zalipali” and you will understand what it’s about, whether it is a soaring bird, running graffiti or prison escapee, armed with a jetpack. Fun is good, until you run out of steam incorporated in the concept – sometimes it happens very quickly, sometimes in about ten hours and spent thousands of rubles. Formula, encased in Run-A-Whale immediately has feet, but leaves for the future; this is probably your most long lasting companion for lunch breaks.

The game begins with simple entry – lapping ocean, a lone stone jumped pretty shabby pirate. Suddenly the storm seas swims the whale, and smiley explains the situation: go, say, to me, what is there to MOPE. Pirate, you see, is not the first time sees the speaking mammal, and immediately mounts a powerful animal. Unexpected tandem embarks on an endless journey – they are waiting for waves, the islanders, seagulls and, of course, pitfalls.

Run-A-Whale one finger: touch the screen, the whale dived under the water. Keep your finger whale belly cuts on the bottom. Keep long – pirate dies from lack of oxygen; it is necessary to look on a special scale. Basically, the game follows. You noisy drift, is on the horizon (well, the horizon is three hops from you) will not see any reef. Then you click the screen, hold the pause, Keith a rider pronyrivaete under (or over) the obstacle and sail on. If not, then kindly start again.

Of course, then it turns out that an unidentified ocean inhabited by a little less intense than downtown Shanghai. Cardscode appear on the screen alarmed the gulls, angry fishermen, dangerous rocks, or with these port towns (for their paving kit can nicely slide with a very happy face). All these things should not just be avoided, but try to get the most – for example, you can jump on the special pillows, flying into the sky, where you are waiting for coins. Or guns – real guns with artillery, from which babahnut somewhere in the stratosphere, after spending a large chunk of the “race” in the company of clouds.

As befits a decent runner, to win here you can’t – the game constantly sets intermediate goals, but no global. “Collect 100 coins”, “proplyne 1000 meters”, “pick magnet” – all these directives in abundance, but for the finale they almost never are, adding to your coffers only asterisks. Some development, however, there are still levels change, swim mini-bosses, and the money you can buy cool hats. Let the whole archipelago knows who’s the most stylish.

By the way, the style is amazing, but Run-A-Whale that looks great. The authors say something about the low-poly graphics, but if you do not go in terms, visible to the naked eye: great wave break on the screen, spray in all directions while underwater pirate looks even more effective than over it. Yes, the picture as a cartoon, but even better – you didn’t expect photorealistic graphics from the simulator, whale rider?

Will cost Run-A-Whale you 75 rubles, which in itself is a nonsense – we all know what the monetization model is usually chosen by the authors of such games. But not in the case of Run-A-Whale – all payments are limited to one dollar, spend the more you fail physically – is simply not provided for such options. Catch the moment – until the developers still living the spirit of adventure, you have a chance to buy a great taymkiller for mere pennies.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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