Run Apple TV in recovery mode

We all know about the iPhone and iPad, even the fact that an ordinary user does not need to know. In particular, we are aware of DFU mode, which you can use to restore software for iOS devices. Apple TV fourth generation is a completely new device on the new operating system. We about it do not know everything, and in this article we will examine a method of activating DFU mode on Apple TV in case you want to restore or want to install a beta firmware for developers.

We need:

  • Apple TV
  • Computer on OS X or Windows
  • Latest version of iTunes installed on your computer
  • USB-C – or a microUSB cable

What we will do

  • Plug Apple TV to computer using USB cable. In this case the prefix does not have to be connected to the TV.
  • Restart the device, press and hold Menu and Home on the new console or Menu and Down on the old remote for six seconds, until the indicator on the console starts to flash quickly.
  • When your device begins to restart, hold down the buttons Menu and Play/Pauseuntil the message in iTunes does not notify you that your Apple TV is in recovery mode.
  • Restoring the factory settings in recovery mode

    If your console has any problems, simply repeat the procedure described above, and then in iTunes click Restore Apple TV.

    Firmware Apple TV to the other version

    If a developer wants to flash the console to the new beta version or someone will come to mind to install an older version of firmware on your Apple TV in recovery mode is enough when you press the button to Restore Apple TV to hold the Option (āŒ„) on your keyboard. This will allow you to choose the firmware file as it does in the case of iOS devices.

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