Russia developed the “eternal” drone

Russian scientist developed the “eternal” drone: the device is able to change the battery as needed. The complex consists of flying and docking stations with interchangeable battery pack for continuous his work. On this edition of “Izvestia” said the inventor — researcher of the laboratory of intelligent robotic systems, University “Innopolis” Igor Danilov.

“The project aims to solve the problem of continuous residence the quadcopter is in working condition due to automatic replacement of depleted battery, — has told Danilov. — The main problem of modern drones — small operating time from one charging of the battery. Today man is forced to put the quadcopter on the ground and reload it every 30-40 minutes.

The drone is equipped with additional sensors, programmed for self-maintenance of batteries and search for charging stations.

The dock contained within the cassettes the battery to the drone. The quadcopter finds a station with GPS, camera and radio.

When the drone flies to the station, they communicate via a secure channel, exchanging information about the registration number and owner. Then he lands on a retractable landing platform, which moves along with the drone inside, where it is replacing battery. The docking station also recharges left in it, a drone battery.

To date, the value per station will be 2.5 million rubles. The cost of the drone is about 150 000 rubles. According to the inventor, for a distance of 100 km should be about ten of the dock. The capacity of the developed model is 1 kg.

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