Russia has created a “smart” wallet that is impossible to lose [video]

Every day, thousands of people forget or lose their wallets. Leave purse at home or on the go, is quite frustrating. A Russian company from Novosibirsk collects funds for the production of “smart” wallet MiWilli, which is impossible to lose.

The product developer Mikhail Sychev, if you forget smart wallet, your smartphone will receive a message. Technology works using a mobile app for iOS and Android. The mobile periodically sends a request to the purse, and if he came out of the safe zone, alerts the user. You can also see on the map where now is your wallet.

“Every few seconds, the phone sends on the wallet request, and if he came out of the safe zone, it will notify you with a message. If you suddenly left my phone, wallet, an audible signal will notify you. Also use the “Search” function you can see on the map where he had left his wallet. Another trick! The purse has a “magic” button. If you click on it, will start ringing the phone. This is the case, if you have somewhere to lay down and you can’t find him,” says the author of the idea.

In theory, the system will even protect your wallet from pickpockets. If so, of course, will not come to mind to get rid of products from Italian leather.

In MiWilli there is a button, clicking on which starts ringing smartphone. The light without replacing the batteries can work up to six months.

The authors of the project are raising money to release MiWilli on crowdfunding site Boomstarter. At the moment, has already collected 950 from 29 needed to start serial production of 700 000 rubles.

The cost MiWilli at the stage of collecting pre-orders is 2 490 rubles. After selling the smart wallet will cost 3490 rubles.

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Clifton Nichols

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