Russia has released a mobile app to combat bullying

The human rights organization “Soldiers’ mothers of St. Petersburg” has released a mobile app “the Army and the law, designed to protect the rights of servicemen. This was reported on the website of the organization.

App turns smartphone into a secret alarm button by which he can immediately inform his relatives of the danger threatening him.

“Having received such a signal, the native will be able to quickly contact the police. The application also allows the soldier or his close if you need to contact our lawyers online”, — said the Chairman “Soldiers’ mothers of St. Petersburg”, member of the Council under RF President on development of civil society and human rights Ella Polyakova.

In addition to the application there is a directory of legal information related to military service. It contains excerpts from the Russian Constitution, Federal laws and statutes. The creators included in the application a list of current phone numbers and e-foster human rights organizations, the Ministry of defence and the military Prosecutor. The app also added a section with the most frequently asked questions concerning living conditions, including the payment of insurance benefits to the relatives of the serviceman.

According to “Soldiers’ mothers of St. Petersburg”, the app will help to provide decent and safe passage of military service and to reduce the risks of violations of the rights of the soldier.

Previously, an app with similar functionality was launched the project “ Development, aimed at combating domestic violence; it allows you to tell someone about possible threats.

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