Russia has set a new speed record for mobile Internet

Company “MegaFon” and Huawei has set an absolute speed record for mobile Internet in Russia, demonstrating the network of the fifth generation at the speed of 35 GB/s. this is stated in the message of the mobile operator.

“There is much talk and dream about how the Internet will evolve in the future, but already today we can say that the 5G will come to Russia very soon,” said Sergey Soldatenkov, CEO of MegaFon.

He noted that in 2018 Russia will host the football world Cup and “this tournament will be the fastest in history.”

“MegaFon” and Huawei at its booth at the St. Petersburg international economic forum provided a base station of the fifth generation in action, which were used for the TDD mode in a frequency range of 70 GHz (E-Band) with a bandwidth of 2 GHz.

“We have entered an era when all aspects of life are becoming digital. 5G as a technology of future networks will provide connectivity anywhere, anytime, on the move, with almost zero latency, and limitless application possibilities. This will require the effort of the entire ecosystem including operators, equipment manufacturers and industrial partners,” said Aiden, the head of Huawei in Russia.

In the “MegaFon” are confident that the fifth generation network will enable services that can increase the competitiveness of the entire economy. Dozens of different industries will be able to significantly reduce costs, increase productivity and unleash the human potential for creative and constructive work, which will increase the efficiency of the economy and significantly increase the quality of life of people.

5G network in addition to high speed provides unprecedented low latency data transmission (up to 1 MS), which opens new opportunities for the application of 5G in different spheres of life. One such area is unmanned driving, where speed of reaction is crucial.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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