Russia was next with South Africa in the world ranking speed mobile Internet

Russia lost to the USA, Japan and UK speed mobile Internet, suggests a report from research company OpenSignal. The average access rate in the Russian LTE networks is 8.35 Mbps.

Data for comparative analysis were obtained from 822 556 users from 95 countries of the world that use software from OpenSignal. On the basis of the collected information was compiled, reflecting the average speed of mobile Internet, availability of 3G and 4G networks and the popularity of Wi-Fi.

South Korea took first place in two categories. Users of this country have access to mobile Internet at speeds of 41 Mbps, and can also enjoy the best 4G coverage in the world.

Closest rivals South Korea were Singapore and Hungary with an average speed of 31 Mbps and 26 Mbps, respectively. In the ranking of the availability of 3G/4G networks, the Singapore occupies the 5th place, while Hungary is 46.

For comparison, in the US, the average mobile Internet speed is 12.3 Mbps (38), China (18 Mbit/s (15), and in Russia to 8.35 Mbps (50 place).

In addition, the company has measured the time during which the mobile device owner has access to Wi-Fi networks. This index, labeled as the Time on Wi-Fi, indicates the coverage of wireless networks, and reflects the situation in real conditions.

In terms of Time on LTE Russia took place at the end of the list with a score of 42%. According to this indicator the country is ahead of Estonia, Turkey, Finland, Kazakhstan. First place in the ranking of the Time on Wi-Fi took Holland. The top five also includes China and New Zealand.

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