Russia will launch a mobile application for complaints on “dead” roads

Social movement “the Killed roads”, advocating for the improvement of the quality of roads in Russia, will release an app for smartphones. It is reported TASS with reference to the founder of the organization of Alexander Vasiliev.

“Dead road” took the decision to create a mobile app with which users can send feedback or comments on the repair of roads. The initiative was prepared after Russian President Vladimir Putin in the message to the Federal Assembly noted the need in the next two years to clean up not less than half of the roads in the country.

“We made this decision because we are seeing a big demand from activists for control over the roads. Especially often send us information about the roads which make disturbance technology, lay asphalt in the rain or snow,” – said Vasilyev. Mobile app, he said, will be available for free download.

Vasilyev is confident that all of the active drivers it will help to promptly report violations in road repair, if any, will be noticed. “Our associates need to have a simple means to quickly transmit alarm signals to the movement “Dead road”. And we, having direct communication with the coordinators of the project, can pay special attention to trouble spots, to put the question squarely on the acceptance of work done with the marriage,” he added.

Last summer it became known that the government can create a “Map of the bad roads of Russia”. It is supposed to include all the problematic areas in each region of the country, and in accordance with the real time. Then it was noted that the bulk of existing claims applies not to the Federal and regional highways.

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