Russian citizen faces 5 years imprisonment for launching the drone

A resident of Russia, launches a drone over the office of Prime Minister of Poland in Warsaw, arrested for violation of aviation law. To it threatens till 5 years of imprisonment.

According to “Kaliningrad.<url>”, the information that on 26 September at the office of the Prime Minister of Poland appeared drone, confirmed the Bureau of government protection. The case quickly went to the internal security Agency of Poland. It turned out that the man had managed device from a parked near the office car.

By words a press-the Secretary Natalia Markevich, a member of the Bureau of government protection while on duty at the Prime Minister’s office have noticed a rise in the air the quadrocopter.

“Patrol, Bureau of government protection found the operator of a drone. The man was asked to submit documents. It turned out that he is a citizen of the Russian Federation. The Russians were detained and handed over to the police,” explained the spokesman. She said that the citizen of Russia drove to the office on the car brand Porsche.

Waiting in the car the man was also a citizen of Russia. The car was tested for the presence of explosives.

A spokesman for the Metropolitan police of Poland Mariusz Mrozek explained that the Russians detained in connection with violation of aviation law, namely article 212 of the invasion into an area with a ban or restriction on flights. According to this article, to the man threatens till 5 years of imprisonment.

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