Russian developers have released a simulator of the moonshiner

Russian developers have released a game that practically has no analogues in the App Store. In the game called “simulation of a Moonshiner” gamers are offered to deal with the issue of alcohol. As it turned out it was a very unusual experience, but all in good time.

The game begins with cooking basics for almost any alcoholic products – juice. To do this, the player has a shop — sokovyzhimatelny and huge amounts of fruit, berries and vegetables.

As in real life – the ingredients you need to buy at the store, squeeze the juice from them and then send to bottling.

Bottling is one of the most important components in the game exactly where the player will earn money. And this plant, it is a conveyor machine dispensing beverages in bottles. There is a nuance, you can choose four bottles from cheap plastic to expensive glass. The problem is that if you pour a cheap drink like Apple juice in an expensive bottle, in the end, the player not only did not earn, and even go in the negative.

Next in importance to the plant on this plant – plant mixing. Here the player needs to mix the alcohol, add the yeast, or secret ingredients to get a new drink. Some of the product mix is not difficult, for example if you mix water with alcohol, you get vodka. But few people know that you need to mix in to the result was the Armagnac? The game is complicated by the fact that to obtain a correct result should not just add in the “Chan” the right ingredients, but also to observe their proportions.

For making strong alkogolesoderzhaschie liquids at the plant a special workshop distillation. If you add, for example, the wine you get Grappa. But this is the easiest option. Usually the player has to prepare a special billet (semi-finished) in the shop mix and then distilling it.

Shop exposure the players get closer to the middle of the game, when cooked for more than 70 different drinks, by the way the game has more than 130 unique compositions. In this workshop on the one hand everything is simple – you add a drink in a barrel and wait. The longer your wait, the more expensive will be the finished product. But as usual, things are not so simple, not all expensive products. For example, if you put in a barrel of orange juice, you can wait a week, but did not earn. That’s another thing if you stand brandy or wine.

Download “Simulator Moonshiner” on iPhone and iPad at this link.

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