Russian iPhone 5s sharply lost in the price

The Russian economic reality, contrary to the expected growth of prices for imported products, including electronics, the market dictates its own conditions. Thus, the declining rate of the ruble, retailers, agreeing to a deal with logic, substantially reduced the cost of the iPhone 5s, making its purchase even more attractive.

According to most of the eminent retailers took this not too obvious step, offering consumers the flagship smartphone of 2013 in a minimal configuration at the price of 24 990 rubles. Restored version of the device will cost you even cheaper – it is available to buy from 21 990 rubles, for example, in the salons of “Beeline” and “M. Video”. But “the Messenger” and “Euroset” to sell both versions of the machines for one price that looks at least strange.

As for the models with a 64-Gigabyte drive, its price has also been revised in the best for the buyers side. Now the fancy version of the iPhone 5s marked as “as new” available to everyone for 27 990 rubles. The official Apple store, in turn, no change in the price policy of their devices did not hold that may indirectly confirm the desire of the retailers to get rid of “stale” product. Perhaps the blame for the imminent release of the iPhone 5e? Share your thoughts on this.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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