Russian technology company has asked the Ministry of industry and trade protection Huawei

Manufacturers of telecommunications equipment T8 “Elteks” and “Micran”, included in the Alliance TELMI, asked the Ministry to help to increase their share on the Russian market. At the moment the leaders are Chinese Hauwei and ZTE, whose share reaches 90%.

Now the share of Russian companies on the market is only 6-8%, while the Chinese companies, particularly Huawei and ZTE occupy about 90%. In this regard, domestic manufacturers have asked the Ministry to help them develop and promote their own technologies.

The main measure of aid, experts say “Kommersant”, can be a quota. They will apply to the purchase of state and commercial structures. The size of the quotas, expected to be 25-30%. In addition, as a possible additional measure and considered the prohibition of foreign companies to participate in tenders in the presence of two or more domestic firms.

It is expected that the assistance of the Ministry of industry and trade will help Russian producers to increase its share in the domestic market to 30% and subsequently enter the foreign. However, criticism of such proposals was made by the operators. In their opinion, the foreign equipment is better than Russian in terms of price-quality, and therefore its restriction can lead to shortages and higher prices for consumers.

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Clifton Nichols

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