Sacai for Apple Watch: the Japanese brand has released a collection of bracelets made of leather and steel.

Famous Japanese brand Sacai has teamed up with Apple: the world has revealed a new collection of fashionable bracelets for the Apple Watch.

Wearable computer Apple acquired retroremakes: chain with leather inserts under the alligator” which was in Vogue in the 80s, will now be available only in some shops an Asian brand, as well as in the Paris Department store Colette.

Do not forget the prefix “luxury” branding recently, but did not become any less relevant. Since clothing Sacai fits in the luxury category, and the straps should fit: black leather and metal silver and gold shades don’t look that defiantly expensive, but implying that their owner is not just a mod.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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