Samsung bit Google

Google has decided to demonstrate the benefits of a Chromebook, by comparing its operating system macOS.

In the video Google has been collecting errors, c faced by users of macOS and other operating systems. And then introduced Chromebook.

The desire to compare their devices with the products of the closest competitors, especially Apple, in recent years, often found in Samsung. Apparently, Google was inspired by this idea. However, the Koreans left is much more attractive.

According to Google, over the past year, Chromebook sales in the U.S. increased by 70%. These laptops have a relatively low price, but can’t compete with the same MacBook in performance.

The Chromebook is running Chrome OS, promises the user a clean and intuitive interface, automatic updates, battery, charge which is enough for all-day performance, quick start and online loading of data. The laptop has a touch screen and can turn into a tablet.

However, the message of the movie is quite complicated to understand his idea, will have to read a text which changes quite quickly, and remember what was written a moment ago. Besides, removing the reference to third party products, Google could cut the video timing by half or to tell you more about your own device.

In any case, the appearance of such videos, even if not intentionally, makes Apple products in standard, which is to focus not only other manufacturers but also to end consumers.

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