Samsung dedicated iPhone a whole commercial

To advertise a brand new flagship Galaxy S9, Samsung has not invented anything better than to compare it with iPhone 6 2014 release.

New video tells about a woman old iPhone 6 which now and then brings it while traveling. The main character surrounded by happy people with quick and reliable Samsung Galaxy S9.

The lady turns to the Apple Store where she’s told that to solve the problem, replace the battery.

Given that is was released in may 2018, and the scandal about the iPhone zamedlenie worn-out batteries in time be forgotten, acts Samsung extremely woermann.

What decides to take the woman to her phone began to work faster? She buys the flagship of Samsung!

The creators of the movie apparently decided to ignore logic.

Indeed, why to change the battery for a couple of hundred dollars max or buy, for example, cheap iPhone SE or a perfectly working iPhone 7?

If the heroine had money on the flagship model of Samsung, which costs about $ 1000, why not buy for approximately the same price of the iPhone 8 or iPhone X?

Why Samsung’s new smartphone compares with the apparatus, which was released nearly four years ago?

The video provides no answers to these questions. However, Samsung once again make a great iPhone commercial. And it can not but rejoice.

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