Samsung for orders, Apple has developed an advanced packing processors

Apple’s A10 processors for smartphones iPhone 7 will be released with the use of more advanced 16-nm and 14-nm processes, and the use of new advanced packaging chip Fan-Out Wafer Level Package (FO-WLP). The latter allows to produce thinner chips that will reduce the thickness of smartphones.

The processor s have the opportunity to take more heat and work faster, which is achieved due to the fact that the area contacts the packing case FO-WLP is far beyond the limits of the processor chip, thereby increasing heat dissipation area.

Another advantage of packing FO-WLP is the ability to post in the same housing with CPU, discrete and integrated elements. Inside the platform A10 for Apple iPhone 7 promises to accommodate antenna switches that previously took place on the PCB.

To date such decisions could offer only TSMC. Samsung had to either refuse to work for Apple, or to learn to pack the chips method FO-WLP. And she learned how to do it. According to Chinese sources, Samsung has completed development of process technology for packaging chips by the method of FO-WLP.

Thanks to advanced packaging, the thickness of the processor chip Apple A10 can be reduced by approximately 0.3 mm. it Seems that a little bit, but with the growth of productivity and increasing the cooling efficiency all the place will allow to reduce the thickness of the smartphone.

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Clifton Nichols

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