Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8 edge became available for pre-order in Ukraine

Major Ukrainian retailer “Hello” opened a pre-order not yet officially presented smartphone Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8 edge. According to the company, sale of novelties will start on April 17.

On the website of “Hello” there were cards of its Galaxy smartphones and Galaxy S8 S8 edge in black. The shop takes pre-orders for the device. The smartphone is available in a configuration with 64 GB of flash memory and support for two SIM-cards.

Of course, it is safe to say that this is accurate information, it is impossible. However, “Hello” is an authorized reseller of Samsung and also one of the first in the country, who last year opened pre-ordering for the flagship Galaxy S7.

Earlier, the sources of PhoneArena have confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be released later predecessor. If the Galaxy S7 debuted in February of last year at MWC 2017, his successor will be released only in the spring. It was reported that the release of Galaxy S8 will be one of the days in the period from 17 to 23 April.

Note that more recently “Hello” was marked by a drawing of the iPhone 7. In the framework of the people of Ukraine proposed to change the name on the IPhone Seven and get a free flagship smartphone Apple.

All IPhones were five people, which this week managed to make a new passport. Among them was a Ukrainian pensioner of 1944 year of birth from village of Gutnick. Now his name is the IPhone SIM vasilovich. The first winner got his gadget in October, in Kiev, on Khreshchatyk.

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