Samsung Galaxy S8 after a month of use: the advantages and disadvantages of flagship

Since the start of sales of smartphones Galaxy S8 and S8+ a month passed, and there are many new products to talk about their experiences working with them. Explorer online Tom’s Guide Sam Rutherford shared his opinion about the Galaxy S8 a month after purchase. He also spoke about the strengths and weaknesses of the South Korean flagship.

Virtual Home button

At first glance it may seem that there is nothing supernatural in a virtual Home button there, but it is a true technological breakthrough, said Rutherford.

Getting rid of physical keys, Samsung was able to establish a huge display, while maintaining the dimensions of the body. Unlike the standard on-screen key “Home” in Android, button Samsung is working always, even when it is not displayed on the screen.

Night mode

Night mode ā€“ no longer a novelty in the mobile world, many manufacturers add a filter to the blue color to reduce eye strain in the evening. On iOS devices 10 have a function of Night Shift, the “pure” Android Nougat ā€“ Night Light.

Many people are playing or reading on your smartphone before going to sleep, so the use of softer colors is very useful.

“Infinite display”

While a few of the app supports aspect ratio of 18.5:9, but to use Galaxy S8 is very handy compared to the standard displays a 16:9. Easier to reach items on the screen. Besides, we have less to scroll in the browser and apps like Google Play Music.

In addition to the non-standard aspect ratio, the Galaxy S8 also boasts a luxurious OLED display, which is recognized as the best on the market, says the journalist.

The lack of stereo speakers

Almost all manufacturers agreed that the stereo in the smartphone is a necessity, so has equipped the flagship with stereo speakers. But Samsung thought it was unnecessary.

Sometimes there are situations when you have to turn the smartphone or try not to close speaker’s hand, to listen, to music or sound in the film. It is very inconvenient and very annoying, this should not be in premium smartphones, says Rutherford.


A month has passed since the release of the Galaxy S8, but Bixby’s voice assistant is still available only in South Korea. At the same time as Google continues to introduce new technologies into your product. Perhaps in a short time, Bixby will become a worthy competitor to Siri and Google Assistant, but by that time no one will be interested. Even while the function Bixby Vision you can’t call something essential.

Glass panel

If you keep Samsung Galaxy S8 in hand, then no problem, but once you put the device on the leg or a pillow as a smartphone there is a risk to be on the floor.

The rear panel of the new Galaxy is very slippery, so that the device does not fall, the surface should be smooth.

The fingerprint scanner

When Samsung first showed the Galaxy S8, many people become angry due to the location of the fingerprint scanner. Indeed, the first time you accidentally dirty the camera. Will take several weeks before you get used to get a finger on the fingerprint scanner.

The verdict

Author Tom’s Guide believes that next year Samsung is to increase the display or to change the design of the Galaxy S8. It is wise to upgrade hardware to integrate the fingerprint scanner into the display, upgrade the camera and improve the sound design of the device.

“Whether Samsung Galaxy S8 of their money? Definitely worth it. But the company still has work to do. Samsung should pay more attention to sound and voice assistant. Besides, the Galaxy S8 camera lacks the optical zoom and for portrait mode shooting on the iPhone 7 Plus”, ā€“ concluded the journalist.

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