Samsung has announced a complete cessation of sales of Galaxy Note 7 and asked users to turn off smartphones

Samsung announced the termination of the global sales of smartphones Galaxy Note 7 and invited all customers to turn off the device. “The owners of both the original and issued instead of the Galaxy Note 7 should turn off devices and cease to use it”, — stated in the message Samsung.

As reported by Reuters, citing a statement the South Korean company, Samsung has asked all international partners to stop the sale and exchange Galaxy Note 7, during the official investigation.

All owners of phones of this model offered them off and no longer use. Buyers are also invited to contact us by phone in the US for advice and to swap their smartphones for Galaxy S7 Galaxy S7 edge, or the possible $25 bonus.

The company announced the beginning of the next stage of the investigation, new cases of ignition devices.

The representative of the American Commission for the protection of the rights of consumers Eliot Kay said the decision of Samsung right.

Samsung has replaced 2.5 million smartphones in September after complaints about the explosion of the batteries, and assured customers that all replacement devices are safe. But later it became known that even the replaced device continues to ignite spontaneously. Smartphone owner from Kentucky, said about the fire in his bedroom due to the ignition of the gadget in the USA were evacuated airplane passengers after the device started to smoke in the cabin.

One of the smartphones Galaxy Note 7 of the new party exploded in the hands of its owner in less than a day after 25-year-old resident of China Hui Renji purchased it. The result of the incident the young man received damage to two fingers.

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