Samsung has forced YouTube to block the popular video game GTA 5 where Galaxy Note 7 turned into a bomb

Samsung is doing everything possible to smooth out the situation around Galaxy Note 7. The company even decided to pay the owners of the explosive of smartphones, so they moved on to the iPhone. While Samsung is not much liking the jokes on the topic of the failure of his flagship.

In early October, YouTube has become a popular video, which demonstrates the use of explosive “character” of the gadget Samsung in the game GTA V, which is very popular during all three years since its appearance on the market.

The video begins with a visit to the gun store where the Galaxy Note 7 is available to purchase as a bomb, and then the hero goes outside, starts to destroy his car and later the police arrived. The smartphone can not only throw, but also to glue on almost any surface.

It would not be reasonable to expect that the manufacturer will appreciate the joke. However, Samsung apparently took it quite painful, because YouTube has blocked popular video-on-demand company. When you try to open a video, the message “video no longer available due to copyright infringement by Samsung Electronics America”.

That could disrupt the author of the video with the game exploding in smartphones, we can only guess. In any case, despite all attempts by Samsung, its flagship will definitely go down in history thanks to its characteristics and shortcomings, as was the case with Windows Vista, Apple Maps and others.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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