Samsung has high hopes for the foldable smartphone

Head of mobile units Samsung Dong Jin Ko said that going to be folding the company. In an interview with publisher CNET it said that the smartphone is in the open state and has the functionality of a tablet with multitasking and a larger screen.

The description corresponds to the concept shown in the trailer, which was released in 2013. In the video it shows a device with one larger display and a second smaller screen, located outside, for use when folded.

Previously, Ko had said that the phone will probably be presented at the conference Samsung for developers 7 Nov. The Executive Director also noted that the device must meet the company standards before it can be announced.

“When we release folding phone, it must be really a significant device for our customers. If we can’t give users impressions of the smartphone that meet my standard, it is better not to produce such products,” said Koch in an interview with CNET.

Maybe at the conference for developers, Samsung will introduce the prototype device, which will be available much later, and only after developers optimize their apps for the new format displays.

Next year the South Korean techno giant will celebrate its 10-year anniversary of Samsung Galaxy smartphones and of course, this is the best time for the release of such a futuristic gadget’s ultra-modern design.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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