Samsung has resumed sales exploding Galaxy Note 7

Samsung has resumed sales of the Galaxy Note 7 a month after they were suspended due to cases of fire gadgets. As explained in the company, explosions and fire devices have been associated with malfunctions of the battery.

2 Sep Samsung has suspended sales of its new smartphones, which entered the market in August. In addition, the company announced the recall of 2.5 million of previously sold devices. This time it was discovered more than 100 smartphones with defective battery.

Since then, major airlines, including Russian, urged not to use the Galaxy Note 7 is on Board and not check them in with Luggage. While not all owners of potentially hazardous smartphones were returned to their manufacturer, so it is not known when the ban will be lifted.

However, users who already traded smartphones with possible problems in new, complaining that the device overheat during calls and the battery life is over too quickly. In addition, there are known cases of spontaneous combustion of the Galaxy Note 7 of the new party.

Samsung representatives have promised to deal with complaints, but insists that problems arise only in isolated cases.

“We would like to assure everyone that the new Note 7 are functioning normally and present no security threat”, ā€“ quotes Agency of the representative of the company.

At the moment, new batch of Galaxy Note 7 was received in South Korea. About the launch date of the smartphone in the Russian market information did not arrive yet.

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Clifton Nichols

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