Samsung introduced the world’s first “smart” air conditioner that will not give cold

Samsung has announced a “smart” air conditioning AR9500M, which supports control via smartphone and reduces the risk of catching a cold due to hypothermia. According to the manufacturer, the world’s first windless wall air conditioner.

Model Samsung AR9500M with integrated Wi-Fi, so you can control your device remotely. Don’t have to worry that you accidently left the air conditioner on, since you can turn it off from outside the house using a smartphone. Moreover, the split system can be activated in advance and to come back in the cool house.

Samsung AR9500M built on the unique technology of the cool, Wind-Free, which provides more efficient cooling without creating discomfort direct streams of cold air. The air conditioning technology Wind-Free consume less power.

Modern air conditioners direct a jet of cold air to a specific zone, which can be a problem for a person who is in it. Samsung has found a way to solve this problem. The company has developed a technology that first flow of cold air in fast mode is dissipated through 21 000 micro indoor unit of a split system. Upon reaching the desired temperature air into a soft mode in which the air velocity is less than 0.15 m/s.

Compared to the fast and normal modes in Wind-Free Cooling device consumes respectively 72% and 55% less electricity.
Energy savings is also achieved by the use of the new digital inverter with POWERboost technology, which reduces the time required to achieve maximum speed operation of the compressor.

With the help of mobile applications of Samsung Smart Home owners AR9500M can regulate temperature, change settings, get status data and power consumption in real time, and if necessary, troubleshoot from anywhere via the Internet.

The manufacturer will show a novelty at CES 2017, which will be held in early January in Las Vegas.

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