Samsung lost the court and Apple will pay huge money

The court said that Samsung must pay Apple $ 539 million for infringement of three patents on the design of the phones sold in the period from 2010 to 2011.

This decision was decided in U.S. district court in San Jose, California. After several days of deliberation, the Federal court delivered its verdict on Thursday, 24 may, saying that the South Korean company must pay to 533,3 million dollars for patent infringement on the design and 5.3 million dollars for violation of patent.

The trial is a continuation of the judicial fights between the two technical giants. For the first time companies have accused each other of copyright infringement in 2012, the company estimated the damage at one billion dollars. Samsung, as we were ready to pay only $ 28 million. The court found that Samsung violated multiple Apple patents, and such functions as “Bounce-Back Effect” and “Tap to Zoom”.

In 2015, the amount was reduced to $ 548 million, due to appeals and adjustments.

Samsung violates three patents on the design: rounded corners on a smartphone, the rim around the phone and the application grid.

“Samsung must pay for copying our products,” said Apple.

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