Samsung now is trendy in technology, and Apple trying to catch up”

Until now Apple has relied on sales of the iPhone, Samsung has strengthened its position in the markets, which depend on the whole industry. The head and co-founder of Salesforce Marc Benioff has attracted the attention of journalists, revitol message basketball coach Dennis Marshall, who said that the South Korean company today sets the standard, and Apple is forced to play the role of catch-up. Benioff himself a few years ago said that without Apple and Steve jobs from Salesforce, simply would not exist.

A Salesforce representative confirmed that Benioff intentionally retweeted the message, although in his work he uses the iPhone. “It is crazy to see how Apple is trying to catch up with Samsung. Time battery life, moisture protection, blue color, a retinal scanner, curved screens. Samsung sets the standards”, ā€“ was stated in the original message.

The leaders of the global technology industry Apple and Samsung have many significant differences. But there is one thing in common: the South Korean company has positioned itself as a trendsetter in the industry in the traditional role of the American competition, says Benioff.

Salesforce noted that the flagship Apple 2016 will be “disappointing like last year’s model”. Like any radical change will appear in the iPhone only in 2017, until then the smartphone will be almost identical to the predecessor (at least outwardly).

Things cited the example of Benioff’s hard to call it truly innovative. Is that the retinal scanner, which in practice is not a substitute for the fingerprint scanner, because the latter is much more convenient. For each presentation Samsung shows some features, which should allow the user to ecstasy and make their lives more comfortable ā€” like turning pages with eyes or waterproof stylus even Samsung fans say it’s a useless thing that no longer use the next day after purchasing the device.

What is so innovative Samsung? Whether the company has developments that move the industry further, giving her the opportunity to move to the next level? In fairness, it’s not that Apple the last couple of years they, too, shone, but, at least, the very appearance of the iPhone and iPad, Retina screens or App Store to record company into an asset. And Samsung?

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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