Samsung promises to name the cause of the explosions Galaxy Note 7 to the end of the year

Until the end of the year Samsung plans to release the results of an investigation initiated in connection with the explosions of the flagship smartphone Galaxy Note 7. This was announced by the publication of the Investor, citing industry sources.

It is no secret that the problem with the Galaxy Note 7 impact on the South Korean manufacturer in different aspects. But the situation is aggravated by the fact that Samsung have not yet found the cause of fires, and this in theory can lead to the recurrence of similar incidents in future models.

It is known that November 11, Samsung initiated a new stage in the investigation, which aims to find out the reasons of malfunctions of Galaxy Note 7, which had led to their firings. The investigation is being conducted jointly with experts in the field of safety products and experts from South Korea and the United States.

According to the source, Samsung is to announce the results of the investigation before the end of this year. It is assumed that the cause of ignition was the battery, but overheating could lead to a variety of factors.

The results of the investigation are extremely important for the company and is likely to affect the fate of the Galaxy series, in which Samsung early next year plans to present a new model of the Galaxy S8.

According to media reports, in total, Samsung has released 4.3 million smartphones Galaxy Note 7, of which about 2 million did not have time to fall into the hands of consumers.

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