Samsung start to remotely deactivate the explosive smartphone Galaxy Note 7 from the cellular network

After the announcement of the review of the flagship smartphone Samsung aims to accelerate the return of all the Galaxy Note 7. For this, Seoul has decided to disable these gadgets from cellular network.

As you know, not all of the owners of the explosive smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was returned to them during the relevant campaign. Perhaps someone decided that the percentage of fires too small and it will not touch it, and someone simply heard nothing about any problems. Anyway, Samsung has moved on to more serious steps to protect users.

As it became known, in late November, the South Korean company held remote disabling of smartphones in New Zealand. The company agreed with the local operators and the device lost cell connection. The devices remain fully functional only lose the ability to call and send messages.

December 15 will not be able to make calls, send SMS and do to fully use the Galaxy Note 7 users in Australia. On this day all devices will be disconnected from the mobile network. Samsung thinks should finally convince opponents of the idea of the return of the phone to still get rid of the potentially dangerous device.

11 October, Samsung officially announced the termination of sales of its explosive flagship smartphone. The company has also completely stopped the production of Galaxy Note 7 for cases with spontaneous ignition of the devices. In total, Samsung has made 4.5 million smartphones, of which 2 million had not reached consumers.

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