Samsung will oblige users to pay for themes

The choice of menu design and icons in the near future may become a paid to Samsung smartphone users. On Twitter said a source close to the leadership of the South Korean manufacturer.

In the opinion of the user with the nickname @GalaxyS8News, the majority of those in the Samsung smartphones will no longer be free. Now free theme for mobile devices can be used for just two weeks. After this period, users will have to either buy it in the online store, or return to the basic design of the main menu. However, it will be available and the third option is to install another 14 days another premium theme and change it after the free period of use.

The day before the trial period expires, users will receive a notification, the second notification will come in 10 minutes before the blackout theme. In the absence of action by the user, the Galaxy will simply choose another theme automatically.

The insider points out, such changes will occur after the release of the January update 9.0 Android Pie. In the opinion of company management, the introduction of paid themes will help Samsung to encourage talented creators for smartphones for their work.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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