SanDisk has introduced a case for iPhone that allows you to expand the memory to 128GB [video]

SanDisk introduced the original iPhone case, which plays the role of a flash drive- provides extra storage space for music, movies and documents. The advantage of new over the flash drive with Lightning interface is that it is better suited for daily use.

SanDisk Memory Case works on the same principle as a battery cover, that is in his body integrated module flash-memory from 32 to 128 GB. The data on the device becomes available when the smartphone fit with case via the Lightning connector. Compared to flash drives (even with agile), the advantages are obvious ā€” nothing sticks outside of the gadget. Not less obvious minuses of the decision ā€“ the iPhone becomes slightly thicker.

An additional advantage of Memory Case it is possible to install the battery capacity of 1300 mAh, which is sold separately for $ 40 (about 2600 rubles).

New SanDisk mobile application allows you to work with files and to monitor the battery level of the accessory.

SanDisk Memory Case available in four colors: gray, blue, red, and turquoise. The cost of case is $ 59 (about 3800 rubles) for 32 GB, $ 99 (6400 rubles for 64 GB and $ 129 (8,300 rubles) for the 128 GB.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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