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The prices in the App Store and on Apple equipment in Russia leave much to be desired — mainly the reason why our section #Skidochku and articles “Where it is cheaper to buy an iPhone” have become so popular. It’s time to benefit from even the purchases, including iTunes. And help in this special cashback service Kopikot.

What is the meaning of service ? In simple language — you go to a page of one of the shops on the link from Kopikot and make their everyday purchases. The service itself receives Commission from the store, and then a portion of that revenue back to you as cash back. Simply put, you can buy the game in the App Store for 599 rubles to 21 rubles get back.

In order to go shopping, you can choose from the offered shops or use search on brands: for example, to get cashback of 1.37 % for purchases in M. Video (more than a thousand rubles when buying a MacBook Retina), or as much as 3.5 per cent on the iTunes Store. Discounts are also available in the Mac App Store, App Store, iBookstore and other stores.

Registration in Kopikot utterly simple — you can sign in using social networks or create a new account, only takes a minute. After confirmation, you can navigate through the directory service into your favorite stores and shop as usual.

Now in the directory service over 1000 stores around the world where not only technology, but also clothing and more.

For example, move from Kopikot in the shop “Svyaznoy” (say, to buy an iPad Air), and get buying 37 990 rubles cashback up to 5 %! More than six thousand rubles just for the link.

Not to forget about cash back, install the add-on for the browser (we have Chrome), which will timely remind you about it whenever you go to online shops.

And for those who like to save the maximum of suitable “Suggestions” section — there are many sales and promotions shops, various promotional codes that you can use, stores with increased cash back, promo action “Double cash back”.

Cash back appears in your account. To withdraw money, enough to save only 500 rubles. Can translate to “Yandex.Money”, PayPal, credit card, Webmoney and even mobile phone.

In addition, Kopikot have a referral program — for every invited friend that reaches 500 rubles for withdrawal, you will receive 300 rubles. Good opportunity to earn money.

Register via this link and get 100 roubles on your account.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

Hi! I’m Clifton and I am a full-stack engineer with a passion for building performant and scalable applications that are beautiful and easy to use.

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