Sberbank began to translate the bonus “Thank you” in rubles

From 17 October, the most active users of “Thank you” from Sberbank will be able to convert the accumulated bonus in rubles. The change will not affect customers with a privilege level below, “More than thank you.”

The rate of “bonus” money to the ruble is 50 cents per score. Exchange “Thank you” for rubles on the official website of the program or application, however, the process of transferring funds to customer’s account can take up to 7 working days. Why data processing is necessary so much time, the company said.

The Bank’s President German Gref announced a similar innovation in June 2018, shortly before the change of the loyalty program. Since July, users are on one of the privilege levels: “Thank you”, “thank you”, “thank you”, “More than thank you.” The increase in accrued expenses on the cards bonuses translates clients on new program level with more privileges.

To achieve “More than thanks” to the owner of the account requires monthly purchases on cards at least 5000 rubles every three months to get a credit card or top up your Deposit, make a payment from your mobile device or via Sberbank online, buy one of the sites of the program “Thank you” (“Impressions”, “Travel”, “Online market”), keep the average daily balance debit card at least 10 000 RUB. or spend at least 50% of the limit on credit card and every month to maintain a ratio of purchases on the cards to cash withdrawals of more than 85%.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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