Screen Time is the main feature of iOS 12. Why it will change everything

iOS 12 is not a breakthrough, but was returned to the operating system the mark of quality — Apple has significantly tightened performance and corrected small mistakes. However, a revolutionary feature in the list of new still crept in.

Is Screen Time system control using iOS devices. At first it seems a non-Intrusive way to change habits and abandon night trips on YouTube. But, at the end of beta testing, the effect is stronger.

How it works

Traditionally, the Apple is very simple. To set Screen Time offer even if you install iOS 12. By default, the system selects a time limit from 22:00 to 7:00.

At this time the use of applications is strictly limited — when starting displays a white screen and hourglass. All interface is not available: you need to make the moral effort to ignore the restriction for a further 15 minutes, or until the end of the day.

In settings under Screen Time in a separate section. You can set limits for each program, and watch detailed statistics: applications and scenarios of use (social, reading, productivity). There is even a counter notification. The icing on the cake was data sync between devices via iCloud. That is, other iPad/iPhone will also be taken into account in the final calculation.

Screen Time is very details. For example, there is a section with “untouchable” applications restrictions on them for running not apply. Also, you can disable system functions, including mobile Internet, the purchase, change volume and so on.

Why it works

It seems that Screen Time is a toy for geeks. Fortunately, this pozicionirovanija Apple has avoided. Most users will be limited to the setting when you first start. And even they will get a lot of useful statistics — the system does everything independently.

The fact that the numbers, which shows Screen Time — very convincing. This is not an abstract of the study, according to which, the average adult in the vacuum spends so many hours on smartphones. It is real, until the last minute truthful information about personal dependence on gadgets. And dependent we are almost totally.

Screen Time captures this clearly — averages. Why should only the average number of releases and notification on the day/hour. For example, in one particularly lazy day off, I recorded 250 unlocks the iPhone and iPad. It’s scary and makes you think better than any motivational speech.

Similarly, work by category. You can no longer complain that there is no time to read or listen to educational podcasts: the smartphone will show how much time is spent on Facebook, and iBooks.

Why it’s weird

The most Screen Time in surprising radicality Apple. The company did not made a deal with his conscience, and made a tool that cares about people instead of service marketing purposes. It’s bold: deliberately cut off users from using the gadget that brings the lion’s share of revenue.

Imagine that the machine would have told you: “Guy, walk up to the shops on foot and save the ozone layer”. Or, for example, in the supermarket, would recommend to throw out from the trash can of coke — because excessive sugar intake is bad for health. Absurd? Of course. But around this logic fits the Apple solution.

It is clear that Tim cook is also not guided by pure altruism. Apple can’t allow us to burn their eyes and brains screens of smartphones or it will be followed by the inevitable decline in sales. It is better to offer alternatives than to squeeze people like lemons.

And still, Screen Time is an important milestone. Left for him to compare technologies with the Vice and evil which is ruining the health. Ahead of a clear understanding of what we have gone through turbulence and is ready to settle down in a new reality. Yes, her space will be filled with screens and speakers, but the mercy will not leave us. The Apple Watch will offer to walk, relax or meditate. Siri will include relaxing music, and Screen Time will end the evening wandering around the ribbon Instagram and Facebook.

How to act

For a start, a responsible approach to business. Spend 5 minutes to understand the functions of Screen Time and everything set. This will be the best investment in the safety of your personal time.

Moreover, the manipulations required minimum: to specify the time of retreat, add your favorite apps, set individual limits. Suggest, of course, limit the clients of social networks and YouTube — in small portions, they consume much of the day hours. Lovers Telegram-channels is also facing tough choices.

When everything is ready, remains the most important, but the easiest part is the regular statistics test. Optimal: two times a week. Manic daily check-ins to anything, and if you look at the data less frequently, and you can forget about work Screen Time.

What’s next

Of course, the first time Apple did not satisfy all the “wishlist”. The most obvious claim is the lack of Screen Time for Mac.

Computers procrastinator as well as for smartphones/tablets. Unpleasant revelations will be less. It is hoped that the company went all the way and put a desktop release in the near future — how it was, for example, with the redesign of the app store.

The second expectation — the future automation of Screen Time. For example, the ability to install your own scripts with activation. Came home, slammed the door with a “smart lock” — and automatically included the limits. Why? For example, so as not to enrage close viewing of the tape and answering business letters.

But before you change the functionality, so too must we. It’s time to show a little more responsibility and have to face the truth. Technology conquered us, leaving the illusion of control. With Screen Time over the reins to return to the human — and should not miss this chance to get back on track. You don’t have to throw the smartphone out the window for a digital detox. You can just not touch him at night.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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