Screenwriter of the film “Steve jobs” was rude to Tim cook and izvinilsja review

The biopic “Steve jobs” has not been released, but has already managed to attract attention. For example, the legendary Steve Wozniak reacted very favorably to the picture, and even forgave Michael Fassbender, who plays jobs, the lack of resemblance with the prototype. But the current head of Apple has not been as friendly to filmmakers. Tim cook has accused the Director and his team in trying to make money on behalf of the late Steve jobs.

Aaron Sorkin, who wrote the screenplay for the biopic, is not left out and very dramatically said the word cook.

“None of us even thought about how to get rich. In addition, I recommend Tim first to see the film before you say so”

Sorkin did not fail to pique Apple CEO in an interview with the publisher of The Hollywood Reporter:

“It is probably best not to accuse someone trying to get rich on someone else’s behalf. Especially if you have a factory, which exploit children by paying them 17 cents an hour, said Aaron. – Oops. A very incautious statement to the Director of one of the wealthiest companies in the world. I hope cook knows how to read between the lines and understand much more than I said”

Tim cook has expressed his negative attitude to the picture on the popular U.S. television shows Stephen Colbert. He also said that fundamentally have not watched a single film about the life of his predecessor. Sorkin soon his thrust were quick to apologize and assured that he didn’t want to insult the cook.

The biopic “Steve jobs” is the second biopic about the former Apple CEO. Previous film was released in 2013 called “the Empire of temptation”. The main role then played by Ashton Kutcher, and the film was ambiguously received by audiences. But this time it looks more peachy – he Who advised the creators.

The world premiere is scheduled for 23 October 2015. In Russia, unfortunately, the debut show was pushed to early December. Distributors went on such a step because of possible competition with the film is the seventh episode of “Star Wars”.

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