Screwdriver, angle grinder and a bit of skill: enthusiast showed how to make the iPhone 7 “smartphone dreams” [video]

Starting with the iPhone 3G, Apple follows the 2-year upgrade cycle of proprietary smartphones. In the first stage, the company presents fresh looks and the most important functional innovations, among which was previously a larger display, additional interface capabilities, etc. the Start of the next modification of the smartphone, with the index “s” is focused on improving existing features. However, Apple usually wants to add something new and in the intermediate phase. And, of course, every year the iPhone gets a new processor and a better camera.

iPhone 7 to some extent departed from this rule. This time the case design is clearly continues the direction embedded in the iPhone 6 (while the iPhone at number 4, 5 and 6 are radically different from previous iterations). Hardware functions, in turn, has changed more quantitatively than qualitatively (which, however, cannot be said about the iPhone 7 Plus with its dual camera). What Apple has done for the past year with the release of the iPhone 6s should be considered as a deep and comprehensive revision of the familiar apparatus.

Not all users have accepted that the iPhone 7 in General terms, not different from its two predecessors, the device has the same with the iPhone 6s in size and almost same weight. The Creator of the YouTube channel PeripateticPandas decided to bring to perfection the principles of aesthetics inherent in the iPhone 6. With the help of grinding wheel and grinding machine, the smartphone has given a new, fresher look with smooth edges and rounded corners. In celebration of minimalism, which is an updated iPhone 7, you can only complain about the rough treatment, the body is clearly not enough polishing phase. And so – a great idea that could find followers.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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