Sdetonirovala in a cafe Samsung Galaxy Note 7 had to be carried in a fireproof gloves [video]

On Monday it became known that Samsung stops the production of smartphones Galaxy Note 7, which have a tendency to explode in the hands of the users. Despite the opinion of a million devices and the release of a new batch, users continue to report a fire gadgets, which presumably occurs due to overheating of lithium-ion batteries.

One of the incidents with the explosion of the Galaxy Note 7 has occurred in South Korea. The device lit up the visitor of Burger King in the middle of the day. The device is heated to such a temperature that its owner was forced to flee to a safe distance. Then from the kitchen came a worker of Burger King fireproof gloves and took the phone.

As told by the smartphone user, the Galaxy Note 7 was from a “safe” party. He received a device in exchange for a dubious instance from the first wave of deliveries. It is argued that this is not the first fire “safe” smartphone home of Samsung. Prior to this there were reports from other countries about the fire apparatus, issued on a replacement.

It was noted only 8 cases of fire gadgets of the new party in the United States, South Korea and Taiwan. Two U.S. operator AT&T and T-Mobile US — have already announced the suspension of sales of smartphones. The results of the investigation of cases of ignition of the smartphone outside of South Korea yet unknown.

In Samsung the suspension of production of the smartphone is not officially comment, but journalists believe that this decision could affect the planned resumption of sales of Galaxy Note 7 in Europe and India, scheduled for October 28.

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