SE iPhone remains in short supply two months after the start of sales

That iPhone 6s sold several worse than the iPhone 6, but better than the iPhone 5s, Apple in rather vague formulations previously explained. But how is presented in March iPhone SE, which combines the best features of the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s? If you believe the delivery time in the Apple Store quite well. Anyway, two months after the beginning of the sales demand exceeds supply, and to overcome the shortage of SE iPhone, the company still failed.

At the moment the delivery period is 4-inch Apple smartphone in the United States exceeds two weeks. Russian online Apple store promises to deliver the 16-Gigabyte iPhone SE gold and silver colors within 7-10 business days models color “space grey” and “pink gold” and the 64-Gigabyte modification will be in 2-3 weeks.

In April, an anonymous well-informed sources reported that Apple has increased production of the iPhone SE due to the high demand. At the end of II quarter, it expects to produce about 5 million iPhone SE, whereas previously it was expected that their shipments will be at the level of 3.5-4 million units. In the next quarter production volumes of 4-inch Apple smartphone will also remain at the level of about five million copies. This indicates that Apple expects strong demand for iPhone SE.

Why Apple failed to solve the problem with the shortage of iPhone SE, hard to say. Updated 4-inch device attracts new buyers ā€“ especially those who wanted to buy a iPhone, but haven’t been able to part with more substantial sums than the cost of the initial version of the iPhone SE. In addition, the phone is interesting for those who would like to have a modern stuffing in a compact body. Both types of buyers are equally important for Apple.

In April during the announcement of financial results for last quarter, CEO Tim cook said that demand for the iPhone SE has exceeded all expectations. “We are delighted with consumer reaction to the device,” he said. ā€“ The demand was higher than we expected, but the company is doing everything possible to make every buyer iPhone SE was able to get it as soon as possible”.

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