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As information technologies penetrate all aspects of our lives, information security issues occupy a more important place. In today’s world data loss from the device often costs much more expensive it is, and manufacturers are constantly working to protective mechanisms. One of the leading positions in this is, of course, Apple, the secrets of the users which, as you know, too tough for even the FBI.

According to the publication TechCrunch, the updated Siri voice assistant, recently received a serious upgrade, still can’t stand dirty linen in public. The fact that the new devices function could be called using the phrase “Hey, Siri” without attaching the latter to the mains. This caused doubt among enthusiasts, because in this case you need to monitor the sound environment, in other words — the device “listens” to the sounds uttered on the subject of keywords. And therefore potentially leads to record them.

However Apple, as always, think otherwise. Instead of just record everything that happens, iOS will ask the user to say “magic” phrase during the setup Hey Siri. If you activate the voice is compared first with a “General” sound of the words (to define the request to include the assistant), and then stored in advance with a model that helps the system to filter out similar phrases and to respond solely to the voice of the owner. And now the most important: the process occurs on the device and no data is sent to the server until its completion. Even after that the system operates safely, tying the transmitted information is not personal data like Apple ID, but only with a random ID. As a result, locally the material is continuously overwritten, eliminating the storage device the history. Here is what says about Apple itself:

The audio clips never leaves your iPhone, as long as not installed according to vote. The whole process only happens on the device, and if the owner decides to disable Siri, all data will be deleted.

In addition to Siri, criticism and new feature Live Photos, which we wrote about earlier. Journalists feared that the system will record “more than necessary”, because this picture is from one and a half seconds before and after pressing the shutter, but here it is limited to buffer: no relay recordings are not saved. While the recording is conducted only in the corresponding mode.

Of course, this approach demonstrates the seriousness of the promises the Apple in the sphere of privacy, but complicates the task of improving services. It can afford not all competitors: for example, Google uses anonymous data gathering for more accurate advertising, and this anonymity, of course, does not prevent the giant to show offers from partners in the most unexpected places. Nevertheless, the key market players, among them Apple, Google and Microsoft, take a very active stance in protecting user information. So, the other day Apple was unable (I say, could not) comply with the decision of the American authorities concerning the declassification of correspondence in iMessage suspects the FBI, because to read it today, not even the company itself. A disappointment awaited and detectives in Redmond: Microsoft has not provided access to servers in Ireland, which kept email messages. In addition, Google States on the application of difficult algorithms of protection for their products, and Apple since the release of Yosemite, recommends that users of OS X to encrypt the contents of the disks. Such actions have led to multiple lawsuits, but served, of course, not happy users.

P. S. I Think it’s time to stop talking about the sensational leak of the photos from iCloud as evidence of the insecurity of the service: the problem has been solved long ago, but password guessing is not fully insured, virtually none. With regard to the recent theft of accounts Apple ID, then you should pay attention to the key point — all the “affected” devices were subjected to the procedure Jailbreak. And it is certainly not a problem for Apple.

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