Security researchers fooled the iris scanner in the Samsung Galaxy S8 through photography and lenses [video]

Researchers from the project Chaos Computer Club using the printer, contact lenses and conventional cameras managed to bypass the scanner iris in the Samsung Galaxy S8. Manual bypass functions are published on the website of the team.

As can be seen from the video, to fool the recognition system it is possible if to remove iris using the “night mode” camera, and then print the image and impose on him a contact lens to simulate real eyes . This image gadget Samsung perceives as real eyes and allows you to unlock the phone.

At the Chaos Computer Clubs warned that if you unlock Galaxy S8 with a scanner iris, you can access the payment system Samsung Pay. “If you worried about your data, choose the protection with PIN-code”, ā€” noted in the organization.

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8+ in March 2017. In addition to the scanner of the iris camera can be unblocked by using the system of facial recognition or thumbprint scanner.

On the Samsung website States that the scanner iris of the eye is one of the safest systems of biometric identification since the iris cannot be copied as easily as a fingerprint.

In March, security experts showed how to unlock the Samsung flagship with pictures of your face.

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Clifton Nichols

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