Segway introduced gyrometer MiniPro, which can be controlled with a smartphone [video]

Segway had promised an announcement presenting a new model of two-wheeled vehicles. Novelty is an electronic biciklom, the principal difference of which is the refusal of the steering arms — the product is designed in such a way that the hands of the user remain free.

Important feature of the Segway MiniPro is its small size and weight – only 13 kg. the Manufacturer notes that the gadget can easily be placed in any car, and transfer at small distances is also not constitute a serious difficulty.

Gyrometer allows you to move at a speed up to 16 km/h, and easily moves up, if the slope is 15 degrees. How is “easily” expressed in the rate of discharge of the battery and affects the speed, the company noted. In normal operation the vehicle can travel 22 miles on a single charge — such a number were able to obtain 70-pound user who moved on a flat surface with a speed of 16 km/h.

A special application for smartphones (iOS and Android) allows you to view information about speed, to control the built-in alarm, to carry out technical diagnosis for Troubleshooting, updating firmware, adjust backlight, and even remotely control gyrometers. MiniPro can move in an unmanned mode.

Segway MiniPro available for pre-order at a price of $ 1,000. After the start of sales the cost of new items will increase to $ 1,300. Delivery scheduled for June 29.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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